Creative Specialist

Multimedia and UX Design

  • 2D/3D Animation and Motion Design

  • Video Production and Post

  • UX Design

  • Graphic Design and Illustration

  • Typography and Copywriting

  • Audio Engineering

  • Digital Photography

  • Proofing / Quality Assurance

  • Software and Hardware Repair

Career Trajectory

Lead Motion / Multimedia Designer

Team Member / In The Telling, Inc.
Boulder, CO / May 2014

  • Summary

    I deliver multimedia content for courses at Columbia, Purdue, and George Washington University, including content for various other clients. My work is consistently approved with little to no revisions, and because of this I have been given expanded freedom creatively directing certain aspects of projects, as well as other team members.

  • Duties

    I regularly adapt style and technique to achieve results consistent with the goals of individual projects. I employ a host of skills such as: 2D/3D animation and visual effects, compositing, and modeling; Character, symbology and information design; Graphic design, typography, and illustration; Video/audio production and post.

Multimedia Production / Creative Developer

Partnership / The ASY Network
Colorado Springs, CO / September 2014

  • Summary

    I contribute to the development of a Colorado based entertainment network that currently airs on Roku.

  • Duties

    Typically, my responsibility is taking projects from concept to completion and/or supplementing existing shows. This includes creative direction, logistics, development, design and full production of multimedia for print, the web, or broadcast.

Multimedia Production / UX Design

Agency Affiliate / Relevant Lab and Trinity Level Marketing
Louisville, CO / August 2013

  • Summary

    After my hard work as an intern, I was entrusted with the junior creative direction and development of content for client-facing projects in a fast-paced agency environment. I maintain quality control and branding consistency while developing content for digital/analog marketing campaigns for national, regional, and local B2B and B2C companies.

  • Duties

    I am responsible for deliverable content including: on-site production of A/V including all post; Motion design, animation and visual FX; UX design and SEO utilizing WordPress / CMS systems and hand-coding HTML / CSS / JS; Graphic design, photography, and illustration; Typography, proofing, and copywriting for print and web.

Animation / Multimedia Production

Client / Redefy Real Estate
Aurora, CO / September 2014

  • Summary

    I successfully pitched to this client about utilizing animation as part of their new marketing and rebranding campaign. I creatively direct and manage projects, while maintaining quality assurance throughout production of work that is destined for the web, television, and radio.

  • Duties

    I am responsible for deliverable content including: Motion design, animation and visual FX; Graphic design, photography, and illustration; Typography, proofing, and copywriting.


BA Music Business
Focus: Audio Production
SUNY Oneonta 2007

Red Dragon Records
CUAC Events Council
Deans List
DOE Presidential Award Scholarship
Educational Opportunity Scholarship

BA New Media Design
Focus: Multimedia / UX Design
SUNY Cortland 2012

Deans List
Gerald and Ethel Thiesen Scholarship
Jo D. Schaffer Art History Scholarship
Non-Traditional Student Scholarship
Veterans Association Scholarship

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